November’s Mentee of the Month: Duda Penteado CC'21

Congratulations to Duda Penteado CC'21 for being selected as our Mentee of the Month for November. Duda is a Junior and is studying Business Management, Psychology, and Film and Media Studies. She is involved with the Student Leadership Advisory Council for the Columbia Alumni Association, Columbia Women's Business Society, Delta Kappa Alpha, Cinematic Society, and the Varsity Show.

Interview with Duda Penteado CC'21

What advice would you give an alumnus/a who is looking to mentor a student?

Just making yourself available is incredible! Students can gain so much from getting your advice and learning from your experiences. My conversations with my mentors have been very meaningful, and I think students can greatly benefit from mentorship programs.

What have your mentoring relationships looked like (e.g., phone calls, meeting in person, etc)?

Mostly phone calls, especially since some of my mentors are not in NYC.

What has been the most helpful part of being a mentee?

It’s been great to ask mentors about the kind of work they do and what the different departments within their field are. This has allowed me to gain a greater understanding of general departments, helping me discover what kinds of roles are aligned with my interests.

What has been most surprising about being a mentee?

There are so many great Columbia alumni out there, and it is truly special to be able to connect with and learn from them.

About the Odyssey Mentoring Program

The Odyssey Mentoring Program (OMP) was founded on the belief that Columbia College students and alumni want to support one another, share stories and encourage one another’s success, thus creating a strong and tight-knit community. The College has more than 50,000 alumni working in myriad careers and around the country. OMP makes it possible for community members to connect in a variety of ways, from an email exchange to in-person meetings and small group gatherings.