When you’ve found an alum in the Odyssey Mentoring Program whose profile stands out to you, you’ll want to introduce yourself. But we know for many, this can be a challenge. Here are a few suggestions on how to craft a solid opening message and begin the conversation.

  • Mention what drew you to the alum’s profile so he or she knows why you’ve reached out.

  • Say a bit about who you are: where you’re from, what you’re studying at the College or what fields you’re interested in.

  • Briefly indicate what you’d like to connect about: mentorship opportunities, expanding your network, an introduction at a company or graduate school or asking a question about how to build a skill they already have.

  • Suggest a way to continue the conversation: an email reply, a phone call, a text message or a meetup.

From there, choose Contact or Request as Mentor. Either way, the alum will be notified via email, making it easy for them to reply.

Please act responsibly and professionally by being respectful of others’ time. Remember that you represent Columbia College when you reach out — and “please” and “thank you” go a long way!

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